Self Portrait #2

A quick glance at spirit animals inspired me to paint this self portrait with a wolf. For many nights I been having reoccurring dreams of a wolf or wolves guiding me or brief encounters.




A Summer of Love

fernando moreno jr sol clip

I painted this panel just under 10 minutes on a nice summer afternoon. It has been a few months since a sudden burst of some aerosol inspiration. I feel pretty lucky with how this year is going. I plan to take it easy on myself and let a new surge of work flow through in future moments to come…

Love is Blindness


Painted in two short sessions about 5 hours total I have made some progress on some portrait work at night. Pleased with the results given the fact I painted in almost total darkness late at night. I found it frustrating using my iPad as a reference on the images and adjusting my eyes to paint. Here is a daytime photo of the progress.

Intro to Heartless

I was inspired in a vision to paint with an ambidextrous manner to capture the essence of commitment. Breaking free from my technical discipline as a faux painter took time and self reflection to find what I wanted to express as an artist. Once I let go of what I knew I can do and what I pictured myself as my two handed painting style came naturally. Clarity in thoughts and humility orchestrated this fluid brushwork style that is centered and interesting to read. There are no hidden meanings or Rorschach analysis’s provoking mysteries to surface just the little more insight to what creates a balanced life by searching within.

Viewers can judge for themselves what they see yet I intended to title each piece with Latin names derived from the Greek Philosophy of Symmetria meaning “with” and “together”. The names of each piece are a reflection of each experience as I peacefully interact with new vision.

10 paintings make up the white collection, a series of black brushwork on pristine white backgrounds on carefully prepared hardboard panels.